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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – November 30, 2023: TAMM, representing the Department of Government Enablement - Abu Dhabi (DGE) has announced a partnership with the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC)’s newly launched artificial intelligence (AI) company, AI71, enabling access to the state-of-the-art UAE-made Falcon series of large language models (LLMs). The agreement sees TAMM, the Abu Dhabi government services unified platform, become the first in the UAE to deploy Falcon LLMs to exponentially increase efficiency.

In this pilot project, AI71 will enable the multilingual Falcon LLMs - versatile base models capable of being fine-tuned to specific needs or objectives - to add a new dimension to TAMM’s conversational abilities and leverage the power of AI to humanise the digital experience of TAMM services.

Falcon LLMs will equip TAMM to deliver high-quality interaction by providing its users with accurate, relevant and contextually appropriate responses to their queries. With Falcon, TAMM will handle user queries efficiently and swiftly, improving response times and overall user satisfaction. Moreover, Falcon’s capabilities extend to being a data-driven insight generator, helping TAMM continuously refine its services based on user interactions and feedback.

His Excellency Dr Mohamed Al Askar, representative of the Abu Dhabi government services unified platform - TAMM - at DGE, said: “The adoption of the intuitive Falcon LLMs will enhance the TAMM customer experience in alignment with our aim of offering true customer-centricity in enabled government services. TAMM is a visionary digital ecosystem, redefining government service delivery and setting new standards of excellence, and our adoption of the UAE-made Falcon technology reflects our commitment to innovation and digital leadership in our pursuit of digital transformation in the UAE.”

ATRC’s applied research pillar, the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) - a leading global scientific research centre in the UAE - introduced Falcon 180B, considered to be one of the world’s most powerful open AI models, following the success of Falcon 40B. Trained on 180 billion parameters and 3.5 trillion tokens, with four times the compute resources of Meta’s LLaMA 2, Falcon 180B is an advanced iteration of the Falcon 40B. Falcon 180B, based on the Apache 2.0 license for research and commercial users alike, is open-source and royalty-free with weights.

The newly launched AI71 builds on Falcon generative AI models, emphasising multi-domain specialisations and offering unparalleled AI data governance options for organisations and governments wishing to self-host for better privacy.

His Excellency Shahab Issa Abu Shahab, Director General, Advanced Technology Research Council, said: “With the launch of AI71, fuelled by the powerful Falcon series of AI models, the UAE is now able to compete and collaborate with frontline technology nations when it comes to generative AI capabilities. We are pleased that TAMM has chosen to pilot these genAI models, enabling the Abu Dhabi government services unified platform to deliver supercharged services to the community.”

Two of the cutting-edge Falcon models released earlier this year – 40B and 180B - were globally top-ranked by the US-based verifier of AI models, Hugging Face, on its Leaderboard for Open AI models. Falcon 40B is also the UAE’s first generative artificial intelligence (genAI) large language model that can be deployed to bring innovative applications and use cases to life. As open-source genAI models, Falcon LLMs are intended to help democratise AI and make it a more inclusive technology.

Both entities defined the agreement and the development of home-grown genAI models as testament to Abu Dhabi’s rapid progress in AI leadership, driving digital transformation in the capital and reinforcing its status as a global digital leader.