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Customer Experience Affairs (CX Affairs) is dedicated to elevating service standards, simplifying interactions, and ensuring effortless accessibility for all stakeholders in Abu Dhabi. On March 22nd, 2022, the Abu Dhabi Government embarked on a mission to redefine public services with the launch of the Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience. Our vision is to set a new global standard in customer service and position Abu Dhabi as a leader in this field. Effortlessness, in this context, is defined by service speed, streamlined procedures, ease of access, and professional interactions. We empower our customers to use services more independently, reducing unnecessary interactions or touchpoints, and delivering robust support when required through expertly trained staff.

Our operational blueprint is structured into five strategic thrusts including:

CX Policy and Guidelines: The program has introduced a CX policy to define stakeholders roles and ensure effective program management. It includes guidelines and tools, training programs, and to promote awareness and encourage its implementation.

Priority Setting: A comprehensive service catalog lists over 3,000 services across 67 government entities, facilitating the prioritization of high-impact services with a common methodology.

Capability Enhancement: A customised competency framework and assessment have been developed to quantify the professionalism of customer-facing staff.

Design Lab: Abu Dhabi has established a specialized design hub that hosts multidisciplinary teams who employ holistic design methodologies to creatively solve problems.

CX Performance Measurement: Development of comprehensive measurement metrics, with targets of becoming the #1 government when it comes to customer effort score.

In our commitment to advancing the customer experience agenda within Abu Dhabi, the Customer Experience Affairs Sector is at the forefront of transformative initiatives. Some of these key initiatives are the CX Awards, CX Network and CX Publications & Affiliations project.

Our role as a centralised force for excellence means we are not just envisioning, but actively building  a more streamlined public service programme across Abu Dhabi, where leading, enabling, and delivering progress is our definitive mandate. By focusing on these aspects, we aim to significantly transform customer experience for our people by 2025.