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The Department of Government Enablement oversees the human resources system in Abu Dhabi that ensures support and assistance is always available to government employees. This includes developing their leadership and skillset, while establishing productive, stimulating, and healthy work environments across government departments.

It is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and deploying talent, facilitating career development and training opportunities for Emirati employees to increase productivity in the UAE labour market. In addition, it collaborates with relevant entities to address any barriers to Emiratisation and find suitable solutions to overcome them.

The Department of Government Enablement also fosters organisational efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation by continuously refining our approach.

According to its legal mandate, our aims at developing the needed legislation and strategies for the development and consolidation of practices, controls, standards, and regulations for human resources management and Emiratization within Abu Dhabi. This would contribute to reducing disparities in the implementation of human resource methodologies and processes across local government entities. It will also improve the performance of human resources management to ensure the achievement of development-related aspirations.