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The Department of Government Enablement is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of government employees through effective training and development initiatives.

It manages the approval of qualifications and accreditations to ensure the highest standards of competence. It also implements innovative solutions to create optimal learning environments while offering tech-powered solutions to enhance the learning journey.

The Department of Government Enablement facilitates the registration of government employees as learners and maintains accurate records of their course completion, awards, and certifications. It develops assessment strategies, standards, tools, and competency frameworks to evaluate employee capability. The department manages a dedicated digital platform for conducting assessments of government employees, leaders, and job seekers.

Leadership Executive Education

Excel as a leader and strengthen your leadership skills by participating in one of our unique executive education programs

Tailored for mid-level and senior government managers, our exclusive executive education programs will help build your confidence and skills and empower you to prepare for future challenges by engaging in problem-solving and innovative thinking.


  • Reflect on your personal leadership capabilities and reignite your ambition
  • Develop personal and actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities
  • Work directly with world-renowned experts in leadership development and learn alongside peers from various government entities
  • Explore new challenges and improve your coaching and leadership skills
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General Programs

Embark on a unique personal development journey by continuous learning

Our behavioural competency programs help government employees to enhance their skills and performance at both the personal and institutional level. Through our general track programs, you will be able to grow in your role, as well as maximize your potential for taking on new responsibilities to support future government needs and functions


  • Develop employees’ capabilities by enhancing their skills to improve overall institutional performance
  • Explore various behavioral skills to increase work efficiency and take on new responsibilities to support future government requirements and trends
  • Build awareness and self-reflection and demonstrate responsibility for self-development and continuous learning
  • Apply effective communication skills to provide information for others, and influence and inspire them
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Specialized Programs and Professional Certifications

Enhance your skills and contribute to the sustainable development of Abu Dhabi

Our specialized programs provide unique educational and training opportunities that focus on a wide range of interests and topics. Enrolment in these programs contributes to the enrichment of experiences in Abu Dhabi’s public sector, and bolsters efforts of building a sustainable knowledge-based economy


  • Opportunity to earn international accreditations in many fields, such as accounting, digital field, finance, audit, project management, and more
  • These programs are designed for learners who are passionate about professional career development
  • Enhance and sharpen your skills by achieving internal standards in your field, in the form of programs and professional certificates
  • Acquire new skills and tools to be more versatile at your current job, and advance your career
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Scholarship and Study Leave

The Scholarships and Study Leave Program offers Emirati employees of the Government of Abu Dhabi and candidates from Government entities in the Emirate the opportunity to pursue their universities studies (Bachelor, Master, PhD), specializing in areas aligned with the priorities and future aspirations of the Government of Abu Dhabi, at leading educational institutions studies can be conducted either inside or outside the country, on a full-time or part-time basis, based on specified selection criteria.

Target audience  Abu Dhabi Government employees from the list of Government entities covered by the program.

Scope of application

  • An employee nominated to complete his education, part-time or full-time, at an educational institution and who meets the conditions for obtaining study leave in accordance with the legislation in force and regulations.
  • An employee who has obtained a scholarship through an educational institution or another scholarship body, or who wishes to study at his own expense, and who meet the study leave requirements in accordance with the legislation in force.

Registration mechanism Submit the required documents to the registration officer at the Government entity, who will then upload the documents on the registration system at the Department of Education and Knowledge.

List of Government entities covered by the program (Click here)

List of program conditions and required documents (Click here)

Regulations regarding scholarships and study leaves (Click here)