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The Department of Government Enablement offers specialised services to address the needs of residents and the business community, while supporting Abu Dhabi’s ambition to build a sustainable and open economy defined by productivity, innovation, world-class initiatives, and partnership.

Our commitment to digital transformation ensures seamless and accessible government services, enhancing the digital experience for residents and businesses. We facilitate a digital government that is proactive, personalised, collaborative, and secure. We enable government-wide digital leadership through innovation programs, as well as global and local partnerships, to catalyse Abu Dhabi’s development.

We also foster a skilled and motivated government workforce through talent management programmes and employee support services, promoting professional growth and a productive work environment. We are therefore entrusted with the design and development of a unified human resource policy for Abu Dhabi’s public sector.

Our programs and procurement initiatives contribute to Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development and economic growth by supporting impactful projects with transparency and integrity in their procurement processes.

Through our range of government services, we are committed to building a brighter future for Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


The Department of Government Enablement defines and updates the government’s digital strategy and operations within the broader context of the UAE’s digital policy.


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The Department of Government Enablement oversees the human resources system in Abu Dhabi that ensures support and assistance is always available to government employees. This includes developing their leadership and skillset, while establishing productive, stimulating, and healthy work environments across government departments.

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The Department of Government Enablement is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of government employees through effective training and development initiatives.


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The DGE enables the Abu Dhabi government entities to optimize procurement and support the local economy by providing an agile framework, implementing robust processes, and cultivating a strong digital foundation.

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TAMM is a unified omnichannel government ecosystem, offering a wide range of services provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi. TAMM combines a human touch with tech-led solutions across its channels and facilities.

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The first employment support centre in Abu Dhabi that is career-driven, responds to the needs of employers and prepares job seekers for jobs that are available now and in the future of the UAE’s labour market

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